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K-12 School Field Trips

Take your class on an exciting adventure to Wild Wonders Insectarium in Invermere, BC this school year! Your students will have the opportunity to observe, interact with and learn about fascinating insects, arachnids, millipedes, centipedes (and even a few amphibians) from around the world during an educational hour and a half visit. Students will have time to explore as well as learn from our guide(s) during an interactive presentation and conclude their visit with an age appropriate activity or craft.  Please note, Wild Wonders will be closed to the public for class field trips (available Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays beginning in October) so our insectarium will be exclusively yours during your visit!


The cost of your visit is $15 per student, with a minimum of 10 students per group and a maximum of 28 students. This cost includes teachers, support staff and parent volunteers. Please keep in mind that our facility is small, therefore the number of adults in your group should not total more than 4, unless necessary.  A $50 non refundable deposit is required to book your visit. 

Q & A's

Q. May students holds insects during our visit?

A. Students will have the opportunity to interact with an insect, whether it's a close up look, touching or holding one. We reserve the right to withhold this opportunity if students handle them roughly or are too nervous to touch or hold one.  For safety reasons, we do not allow students to interact with our arachnids or centipedes as they are venomous. These will be kept safely within their enclosures for students to view.

Q. Is Wild Wonders wheelchair accessible?

A. Yes!

Q. We are visiting from out of Invermere. Do you have bus parking?

A. Wild Wonders is located one block from Invermere's free downtown public parking lot next to the Eddie Mountain memorial arena. We recommend parking there and walking over to us with your group.

Q. Do you have washrooms?

A. We have one small washroom (one stall only) upstairs from Wild Wonders, within our building. It is not wheelchair accessible, however we do have a small staff washroom within our facility available for those in a wheelchair or with special needs. Additionally, for groups bussing in from out of town, there is a wheelchair accessible public washroom adjacent the Invermere public parking lot where your bus will park.  

Q. Are there any rules we should be aware of?

A. We want your experience at Wild Wonders to be a great one. We do have a few rules to keep students and our animals safe.

We will go over our rules when your class arrives, however teachers may wish to go over these with their students before your visit.

Wild Wonders rules are as follows:

1. No running or rough housing (walking feet only).

2. Please look instead of touching terrariums or tapping on terrarium glass (respect our animals).

3. No food or drink besides water (until designated time, if applicable).

4. Show good listening during our presentation.

5. Learn lots and have fun!

Students who are not following these rules, especially those that concern safety of students or animals, may be asked to leave.

Q. Are we allowed to eat lunch/snacks in your facility?

A. For groups visiting from out of town, we will allow for a half hour lunch at our facility at the end of your visit. We will have a mat on a floor space where students can eat the lunch they have brought with them. We ask that students do not snack before this time, unless necessary. 

Alternatively, if weather permits, your group may wish to walk or bus down to Kinsman Beach, which is located near us, for a picnic after your visit.

Q. What can we expect during our visit?

A. When your group arrives we will talk a little about Wild Wonders and our facility rules. Students will then have about 20 minutes to explore (teachers may wish to break students into groups for this, supervised by EA's or parent volunteers) and view the different animals in their enclosures throughout. Following this we will gather students for a presentation where we will introduce some of our animals, talk about their anatomy, life cycles, habitats etc. and give an opportunity to have a closer look and even hold some of these fascinating creatures. Following the presentation we will have a short body break and end your visit with a related age appropriate activity or craft. 

Please email us to book your visit:

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